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Business Data Access (BDA)

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If you are a QuickBooks advisor, Bookkeeper, or Accountant who is frequently involved with the setup, training, review and cleanup of QuickBooks, BDA can help improve your business.

QuickBooks files are getting larger every day and emailing them is becoming increasingly difficult. Time is wasted creating, transporting and restoring client discs, CD’S and Flash Drives. In many instances the advisor must spend time and money driving to the client’s business to access the file. This is not cost effective for anyone.

Because of the issues involved, clients often procrastinate or neglect to routinely send files to their advisor. Frequently the client only sends the file when they perceive problems, or at years end. As a result the advisor’s ability to efficiently and effectively consult is impaired.

Additionally, most QuickBooks advisors strongly recommend that clients do frequent, reliable off-site backups. They also understand the dire consequences for the QuickBooks clients who neglect backups and unexpectedly lose their data. Unfortunately, many businesses are still not completing this important task.

Business Data Access (BDA) enables both QuickBooks advisors and their clients to accomplish simple and secure transfer of QuickBooks files while simultaneously providing automatic off-site backup. With BDA, advisors standardize the transferring of files, enabling them to improve productivity and support more clients.

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